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Someh UK’s Classic Haas Collection


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In consultation with the experts at Haas, we bring you the “Someh Classic Collection” 8 specially chosen brushes to work with a horse of any colour. After all, we all know that horses are like chocolates, and we just have to have another!

So grey, black, roan, dun, coloured, chestnut, bay, dark bay this is the only grooming kit you will ever need.

Someh’s collection provides you with ease of use, a fabulous finish but most importantly a grooming experience that your horse will look forward to sharing with you every day.

We ask a lot from our horses, grooming is a bonding experience where we give back. It ties our partnership together even more tightly.

You may be thinking why all these brushes? They all have a special function in the grooming process, used together in the correct order, you will be quick, use less elbow grease and have a sparkling horse at the end!

First Up

The New Generation Soft Curry Comb – this can be used directly on the coat to remove mud and dirt from the field or stable. Your horse will love this as there is a massage into the bargain – who doesn’t love a massage?

Second Up

Take Koko, a fabulous brush made of coconut fibre in an easy to hold dandy brush shape which allows you to attack the dirt and stains both on the body and the legs. You will be amazed at how effective it is even on greys, roans and duns!

Third Up

Salute the Military, now we are really getting under the coat and bringing out all the dander and the scurf. Watch how much comes out when you do a quick swipe with your curry comb – it’s addictive!

Fourth Up

The Welsh, we are still taking out dirt but from the surface now, remember to see how much dirt is coming out with your curry comb!

Fifth Up

Pick up Grundy’s Finest, now we are starting the polishing process for that great shine that we are all looking for.


Diva – the one every horse is waiting for, the final polish with soft lambswool to get the final glimmer. Your horse will love the pamper especially for the final head polish!

To complete the Someh Classic Collection:

Noir – A beautiful horsehair flick brush that can be used whenever you need for a quick flick to get the dust off, a quick groom or just before you ride.

Looking after tails and manes is very important for us all. We need a brush that doesn’t rip healthy hair out but something that allows us to have floaty, tangle free hair – this is the brush that does exactly that – the grey/black co-ordinating Mane & Tail Brush.

Keeping your brushes in great shape!

With the exception of the Diva, all of these brushes can be washed in your washing machine! How good is that? Just stick them in at 30 degrees and you are done!

The Diva, needs to  have special attention. Hand wash it in some soapy lukewarm water, rinse it in cold water and then leave it to dry.  There is strong adhesive used in the making off this brush, whilst it is robust and strong, to ensure a long life do not put it into hot water.

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